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Social Media, and other marketing channels, must be organized from a system of measurable and continual improvement. You cannot improve what you can’t measure.  This is why we assist companies in rethinking their strategies that can result in spending less money within a more targeted and measurable approach. TESTING is KEY because it reveals new ways to boost results and saves a lot of money in the long run. Sales Overlays has improved our client’s profitability through the Process of Continual Improvement.

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How to Achieve Revenue Growth with Velocity







We work nationally and offer proven, multi-channel customer acquisition and loyalty strategies to ensure your revenues continue to grow in any market condition.

Is your GROWTH stuck on neutral … or reverse? We also work with internal marketing teams and collaborate to improve short term and long term results.

Our scope of services include TOTAL campaign management:

  1. Strategic Planning that aligns with your goals
  2. Creative Solutions that enhance customer loyalty
  3. Database Development and Segmentation into MVP categories (*Most valuable and profitable)
  4. Predictive Analytics that drive more effective targeting and ROI
  5. Multi-Channel Communications: digital, video, direct marketing, print, and alliances with firms to boost your social and SEO results.
  6. Business Process Improvement & Team Management
  7. ROI Analysis and Model Building

We believe that to accelerate growth you don’t spend more – you reallocate what you have and test more strategically.

Is it time to go outside of your box and find out what we have to offer?

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