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ProVision Forum for Entrepreneurs: Launching your vision into a multi-million-dollar business

What is your dream and how do you make it a reality? Do you believe it can become a “million-dollar” business or even more? You might need both a mentor and community.

What drives your passion?

Money is just one thing, and most entrepreneurs might rate it 3rd or 4th on their list. Most want the freedom to follow their passion, to make a difference, benefit a lot of people, and have a higher quality of life that includes more family time.

The American Entrepreneur is the Heart and Soul of America. They drive our economy, prosperity, innovations, and freedom!

We offer decades of experience to help you plan and launch your vision into a sustainable, growing enterprise with plenty of potential.

Access to experience and resources to transform your vision into VELOCITY:

  • Personal Mentoring, sharing our experience and knowledge in start ups
  • How to fast-track your business launch and growth
  • Understanding success and failure factors (hugely important)
  • Strategic and Financial Plans that are realistic and actionable

    G. Mark Alarik offers over 38 years of business-growing experience

    G. Mark Alarik offers over 38 years of business-growing experience

  • Being wise about including Partners and Investors
  • Instituting “The Process of Continual Improvement”
  • Critical Outsourcing Strategies
  • Infrastructure development for the front and back office
  • All things digital: Website, SEO, Social, eCommerce, traffic building, etc.
  • Sales and Marketing plans and execution
  • Continual bottom line analysis

We know how to set up and launch a small business that is stable, growing, and designed to reach multi-million-dollars in yearly revenue.  If your plan is to become a mega-company that grows into the $100’s of millions, we can connect you with expertise that offers that kind of experience and resources. However, you must begin on a solid footing with tangible growth and stability, and this is where we can help you the most.

Our experience in start ups also includes serving blue chip companies:  Bank of America, Disney, OnDeck Capital, Carnation/Nestle,, Videojet/Danaher, Chicago Tribune Digital Services, Discover, Wells Fargo, Jewell Osco.

VelocityWe are committed to helping entrepreneurs have a forum to dialog with each other and and resource to get their vision launched and growing quickly  … and with velocity!

If you would like to be included in our forum where a limited group of visionaries can access resources and each other for dialog, please contact me, Mark Alarik at:  or call, 847-942-7140

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